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23 August 2007 @ 09:32 pm
The FOURTH installment to my series... damn four already...!  
Title: Meetings of the best kind
Rating: M or NC-17
Disclaimer: still own nothing
Note: So many people liked this series and I got so many comments for the group pairing I thought I'd give it another go.
Summary: Sam and Bee get a little frisky during the meeting much to the other autobots enjoyment. When the time comes will Sam let Bee have his fun in front of the other bots? Will Bee let them watch or better yet join in?

Optimus, Ironhide, or Ratchet didn’t know what to be more surprised over, the fact that for the very first time Sam and Bumblebee were not only early for a meeting but that they had beaten everyone else there (even the paranoid Ironhide) or the position that they were both in as they waited for the other autobots to arrive. Bumblebee was laying on the ground on his back, his left arm moved so his head could rest upon it and the right was placed so that his hand could rest over a napping and shirtless Sam that was sprawled across the 16+’ tall robot’s chest. Every now and then the yellow robot would move his large fingers in a gentle petting motion down the boy’s back causing the human to make small noises of contentment that Bee would answer with a peaceful chirp from his own vocal processors.

Once the initial shock over the site wore off Optimus brought the meeting to order, keeping his voice lowered so as not to disturb the resting human as he listened to reports from Ironhide and Ratchet. Ironhide reporting over any news that he had acquired from his occasional contact with Captain Lennox who would occasionally be given news on decepticon activity from the government. The medic was just finishing his long and detailed news of no recent decepticon activity from his area when a faint noise from Sam had the three large mechs turning their gaze towards the human who had rolled onto his back and was letting Bee‘s large fingers casually run over his neck and chest.

“Bumblebee,” Prime made a noise similar to clearing his throat and shifted slightly at the image, “have you anything to report? Any sign of danger from decepticons towards Sam?”
Bumblebee turned his head to look at his superior, “I have seen Barricade, every now and then, but he keeps a great distance away and only shows up on a rare occasion. He has made no attempt to approach Sam or I.”
“Understood. We might need to start patrolling areas then that are near where you and Sam frequent in case we can catch him the next time he appears. Was there anything else? How are you getting along with the humans so far?”

Bee let out a sound close to a chuckle as he let his fingers trail a little lower towards Sam’s bare stomach.
“No one appears to suspect anything from me, but I’m afraid I might have upset a parking garage attendant a little earlier today.”
Optimus shook his head and then said sternly, “Bumblebee, you have chosen to remain with Sam and that puts you in closer contact with the humans than any of us, you should try and be more careful in the future.”
Ironhide looked annoyed down at the smaller ’bot, ignoring the display with the human, “what were you even doing in a parking garage? Such a place is a poor choice if you got into a fight or had to transform!”
The yellow robot laughed lightly and gave the other autobots a look, his blue optics glowing impishly.
“If you must know, Sam and I were pleasuring each other and it was the best secluded spot available at the time.”

All three robots went silent at that comment where as Sam just let out an embarrassed sounding groan and called out, “I’m not against them knowing Bee, but did you have to tell them like that?”
The Camaro turned his head so that he could look at the figure sprawled over his chest that was gazing up at him.
“Well he did ask, Sam. I could have done worse and offered to show him,” he teased as he moved a finger to lightly brush over the slight erection that was forming inside the boys pants. Instead of throwing a fit at the public display like the other ‘bots expected, Sam only appeared slightly embarrassed and shy before letting his body relax and letting Bee continue with his teasing touches.

As the touches became a little firmer on his skin, the human began to shift his body slightly, wanting more contact, and letting his hands roam the form underneath him as his fingers traced the seams of the metal armor and underneath to the tender and sensitive wires located there. Finding a rather nice sized cable, Sam wrapped his fist around it and let his hand move in a slightly awkward and slow pumping motion that actually had Bee tossing his head back and letting out a slight screech in his native language. If their antics hadn’t gotten attention before it certainly did now. The large footsteps from the other approaching autobots had the ground slightly shaking underneath them and Sam stilled at their approach to look up into the optics of his guardian. The questions silently exchanged through a look. Are you okay with doing this? How far are you willing to let this go? What about the others?

Bumblebee let his head dip forward in a silent nod before turning his gaze away and looking up at the others as he restarted the movement of his hand across Sam’s skin, taking enjoyment as the boy arched and squirmed against him when the very tip of his finer traced a circle around a nipple. Sam tried his hardest to focus on what was happening, really he did, but with Bee’s teasing fingers it was very hard. The boy closed his eyes so that he could at least try and listen. He could hear the four conversing in their native language, the series of clicks and chirps didn’t make much sense to him, but the tones he could distinguish. The deep and near pleading tone of Optimus, a gruff note from Ironhide, a soft chirp occasionally coming from Ratchet, but above all was the possessive and then agreeable sound of his Bee’s voice.

An agreement was reached and the three larger mechs formed a loose circle around the smallest member of their team and his human, kneeling down so as to be able to achieve better reach. The human let out a whine of protest as his friend stopped touching him and took his hand away, but that was short lived as the next thing he knew a finger, similar and yet so different was touching him now. His eyes shot open and looked at the large metal hand that was now touching him, allowing his eyes to follow up the familiar paint covered arm into the caring sky blue optics of Optimus Prime. His nervousness was still there, but Sam took a series of deep breaths and forced himself to relax into the touch, the comforting feel of Bumblebee underneath him letting him know that it was okay.

Prime brought his fingers up to gently run down the side of his face and neck in a loving and soothing gesture that was amazing for someone so big to be able to pull off and distracted him slightly from the slightly rougher touch that was now grazing and slightly scratching over his chest. As the human tilted his head and neck to allow the flame painted semi better access to his person, it also allowed him to look at the black weapons specialist who was the owner of the other hand, the dark face still remained gruff and hard, but the deep blue optics showed a slightly softer side if you knew just how to look.

Sam felt and heard Bee underneath him as the robot squirmed in what could only sound like pleasure. Tilting his head upwards and sending the yellow robot a curious look the human was amazed to see that while the other two aliens had been pleasuring him with one hand each, the other of their limbs were busy with his Bee. The camaro cast him a quick glance with his optics before throwing his head back as Optimus’ fingers dipped into the wires of his neck and sent him a small jolt of spark energy into the smaller ‘bots circuits. Sam was so distracted by the sight of Bumblebee and the touching of Optimus and Ironhide that the added stimulation of the last hands and right at his groin had him sharply looking down. The human tried his hardest to remain as still as possible and was amazed once again that hands so large could do something so small and intricate as Ratchet began unzipping and buttoning his jeans.

Lifting his hips and letting the medic slowly pull all of the fabric from his lower section off and leaving him completely bare to the touch, Sam could only lay there and gasp as he felt Ratchet return one hand to his person and knew that, like the other two, he had placed his other hand on Bumblebee. The constant touch of Prime’s and Hide’s fingers that were rubbing and caressing over his neck and chest while Ratchet was letting his fingers travel along his thighs and down his legs had turned Sam into a puddle of wanton goo. With what was left of his brain, he moved his hands back to fondling what parts of Bee he could reach beneath him and almost had his brain meltdown as the electrical pulse that was shooting through the camaro’s wires also shot up his arm and into his person making him yell out from sensation.

Bumblebee stilled and cast a worried look down at his human. The yellow ‘bot hadn’t thought the small organic would be able to feel the spark pulses that the others were currently surging through his systems as they tried to bring his systems to overload. His optics met with Ratchet’s greenish-blue ones before the medic quickly cast a studying glance down at the human and released his own jolt of spark energy into the bot beneath him, allowing his optics and sensors to monitor the two beneath him. When no harm or immediate danger seemed to befall the boy, the hummer simply looked at the three and gave them a nod of his head to continue before focusing himself back to touching the human and enjoying the energy surging through the form of the smaller autobot serving as a conduit before shooting back up the arms and into the beings of the larger mechs.

As the continued pulses of electricity shot in what appeared to be an endless cycle from one robot to the other, the human writhed, squirmed, and screamed in ecstasy from his perch. Sam’s mind was completely blank from everything happening and he tried to move his body against the hands causing such stimulation and to also keep his hands fondling the cables hidden underneath Bumblebee’s armor that he could reach touching and pumping his fists around them, enjoying the noises coming from Bee and the sparks that were going straight to his groin. The sound of Optimus letting out noises that could only be defined as whimpers did not escape Sam’s ears nor did the noises of Ironhide’s cooling systems as they tried to cool his overheating circuits that sounded very much like panting.

Bee was so close. It was too much for his systems to be used like this but oh how wonderful it hurt as his systems neared the overload point. He could audio could pick up the enjoyment from the others, Sam’s screams of “Oh GOD” and “PLEASE DON’T STOP” had him on that final step. The only thing he could think to do was to collect the energy shooting through his being and merge it with his own spark pulse and as he moved so that one hand touched Ironhide, the other Prime, and he even raised his leg so that the exposed wiring from his knee joint touched that of Ratchet’s he then released that power and shot the electricity straight through his body into the three larger forms.
The sound of Sam screaming his own release was the last thing Bumblebee’s audio picked up before his systems overloaded and he went off line.

Optimus Prime felt his systems reboot themselves and even though his body came back online his mind was still unsure if he was alive or if he had somehow died and joined with the matrix. The groan from Ironhide’s vocal processor alerted him that it was probably the first and he cast a casual glance around looking at his team members. Ratchet was offline laying on his back just a little bit away from also offline Bumblebee and his human while his weapon’s expert had managed to prop himself against a few large trees and appeared to be the most relaxed that the leader had ever seen him in all these hard years. The black GMC even appeared to have a dazed smile on his face plates that looked oddly out of place on the usually hot tempered mech.

It wasn’t till much later that the four were more or less functioning. Bee let his finger pet over the now asleep boy after Ratchet had sat up long enough to cast a quick scan over him to insure no damage was done from the joining of the group. Once that was done the hummer flopped right back down into his previous laying position. It wasn’t until Ironhide made a comment about how high in the sky the moon was that Bumblebee managed to kick himself into gear as he realized how late the boy must be for curfew. Optimus made a move to help Bumblebee gently remove the human from his chest and held him gently in the palm of his hand as the smaller bot transformed into his car form and opened his door, letting the large hand place his beloved human inside to rest in the seat.

As he was about to leave, Prime stopped the small robot and sent him a thanks in their native language for the sharing of himself as well as his cherished human. The yellow camaro shot back a cheerful reply and then shot off into the night, his tail lights fading into the darkness. Optimus moved his arms behind him and stretched his tired gears, enjoying the sounds they made from the gesture and simply enjoying the afterglow he could still feel coursing through his systems. He cast a tired look back over at his remaining companions. Ratchet, still on his back and making no attempt to even move muttered out, if only to himself, “Primus, we need to get ourselves our own humans…”

Prime silently agreed before glancing over at Ironhide when he made a move to stand, the air of contentment that seemed to radiate from the gruff mech only making the nights events just that more unreal. He shot a quick and what appeared to be an agreeing look over towards the medic before shooting him an amused grin.
“I’m going to go check in on the good Captain.”
He quickly transformed and shot off into the night. Optimus could only chuckle and shake his head. Their new home was providing new wonders and enjoyment to the aged beings every day.

Sorry again if it's late or kinda crappy, was a bit rushed trying to get it written as another alien plot bunny has burrowed its way into my skull and left eggs in my brain.
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tsugathtsugath on August 24th, 2007 02:07 am (UTC)
Sam+ Autobot 4some= LOVE of the best kind.
saesama: lovesaesama on August 24th, 2007 02:07 am (UTC)

Ooooh my gaaawd, that was awesome. Five-way with Sam in the middle, YES.
295_39295_39 on August 24th, 2007 02:09 am (UTC)
"The sound of Optimus letting out noises that could only be defined as whimpers did not escape Sam’s ears"

That....is adorable. That one line. Guh.

Peachesa_mild_groove on August 24th, 2007 02:10 am (UTC)
Oh this was so great. I've read so many stories that grouped the four Autobots plus Sam together like that and they've been horrible...but this was so awesome!

I know you said this was rushed, but just a gentle reminder that Bee's alternate form is spelled Camaro..not camero.

Other than that...please keep up the great work!
 Lunar Fox Wolfen: Cow Signyukihoshino on August 24th, 2007 02:59 am (UTC)
thanks, corrected
yamiyouka: Bleach - Cant Escape Gayyamiyouka on August 24th, 2007 02:20 am (UTC)
This was.. so freakin' hot. It was just so... guh. *speechless* I love this series!

One little thing though:
"The yellow camero shot back a cheerful reply and then shit off into the night.."

Do you mean shot off, by any chance? ^^;
 Lunar Fox Wolfen: Cow Signyukihoshino on August 24th, 2007 02:59 am (UTC)
Thanks, corrected
theseeker8507: fanart Ironwilltheseeker8507 on August 24th, 2007 02:26 am (UTC)
I love this though I am not too into this pairing I did love the suggestion at the end that Ironhide made. This was great fun to read.
Myrrhibis or VAharleywitchokami_myrrhibis on August 24th, 2007 03:05 am (UTC)
Other than a few spellin errors (such as the shit shot off, excellent!!

A Bot 4some + Sam ="puddle of wanton goo" WIN!!!
Not The Best, But Unlike The Rest: Balsac Jaws Of Deathfredmonster on August 24th, 2007 03:08 am (UTC)
GAWD. NEVER STOP WRITING THESE. EVER. :: Is a puddle of goo::

Post-coital Ironhide is the most amusing thing EVER. XD
Mischiefelvenmischief on August 24th, 2007 03:14 am (UTC)
EEE. I love this. So much. <3 A+!
 Lunar Fox Wolfen: Love my magic ringyukihoshino on August 25th, 2007 01:30 am (UTC)
I love your icon! It's kinda fitting!
(Anonymous) on August 24th, 2007 03:28 am (UTC)
YES! I was wondering when this was going to update again! Its a good thing I'm about to go shower, too...
vampsbware on August 24th, 2007 04:05 am (UTC)
lol! That was great!!!
Lyric: autobots: central sparklyricality on August 24th, 2007 04:56 am (UTC)

I really adore this. Optimus plz to be choosing Maggie as your human now plzkthx. You had me at the carwash scene for sure, but now I quietly love you. ♥

More more. More? 8D *tries to look cute*
Peach In-Peppermintlemonflav_lopfe on August 24th, 2007 07:50 am (UTC)
Big love. Big BIG love. Ahuh.

^_^ Maybe if you concentrate hard enough you'll be able to hear me "Eeeeeee!"-ing from New Zealand.
callista_mytholcallista_mythol on August 24th, 2007 10:04 am (UTC)
*Laughs gleefully* If you told me a year ago I'd be reading a Robot plus Human five way fic and enjoying it I'd have laughed you off the internet! Wonderful, loved it and Optimus is right, they SO need their own humans (Ironhide, you wicked boy you lol, poor Captain has no idea what's coming).

Loved Bumblebee's possesivness at first, god bless him and Sam FINALLY relaxing enough to enjoy this. He should do another Car Wash with the knowledge he now has, filthy boy lol!
speechie42: Barricadespeechie42 on August 24th, 2007 11:31 am (UTC)
That was...that was amazing. I love how accepting the Autobots are of sex with Sam. It seems that every other fic out there portrays them as being fairly anti-human sex, so this is pretty refreshing. Refreshing, and hot. ^^