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28 April 2008 @ 12:03 am
The much wanted PWP part of my series  
So here it is to all my fans, the much awaited holoform incident. Hope everyone likes and sorry it was a little late.

As they pulled into the large abandoned warehouse that was acting as the Temporary Autobot base Sam looked through the vehicle’s windows. He could see the spare military issued vehicle that served as Captain Lennox’s human transport, when he wasn’t using Ironhide or occasionally Ratchet. The disguised Autobot pulled inside and parked before opening his door and letting the human out. Sam took a few steps back, shouldering his overnight bag, and watched as his beloved camaro transformed in an amazing display of shifting metal into his 16’ bipedal form.

Bumblebee kneeled down and held out his hand letting Sam climb into his palm so as to be carried. As they made their way further into the building, Will came into view as the other human appeared to be leaving, looking rather flustered.
“Hey Capt! You okay,” Sam called out from where he was being held in the air. Lennox stopped and looked up at the boy and nodded his head.
“Yeah, just a little bit violated but okay.”
“Violated,” the younger human questioned. He moved so as to be leaning partially off the side of the giant metal hand to be able to see the man down on the ground.
The captain ran some fingers through his hair and let a loud sigh escape his lips with a faint blush.

“The next time I poke fun of Ironhide hit me. They needed some volunteers so they can do some sort of configuring for those holograms of theirs and they had me all naked while the doctor was poking me from every which way with some kind of instrument. It was a bit unnerving.”
Sam looked down at the blushing man and had to fight back a smirk when he noticed the man kept shifting slightly on his feet.
“So what happened to make you think you could poke fun of Ironhide again?”
“Annabelle was coloring and asked Ironhide to hand her one of her crayons. He couldn’t pick it up cause it was so small so I told him to just use the hologram of his and he said that they were just projections and weren’t solid. I started joking about that being a bit of a waste if he got pulled over or something. What if a cop pulled him over and gave him a ticket. What’s he going to say, sorry can you reach in and put it on the dash for me.”

Sam smiled down at the man in a friendly way.
“Well I can understand where you’re coming from, but you should have known that the Autobots don’t do anything half assed. You saying that they can’t properly stay hidden means a full scale upgrade and be prepared for being a lab rat especially since you were the one to point it out.”
“Yeah well, it’s your turn now so have fun!” and with that said the soldier waved as he turned and walked back to his non-alien vehicle.

Bumblebee started walking again as Sam resettled himself and then looked up at him.
The alien turned his warm blue optics to the human and made a curious chirp sound.
“Why did you guys need Captain Lennox?”
“Ratchet needed to do some calculations about the limits of your organic structures. William Lennox was more or less volunteered by Ironhide to be used as a base model for the initial base structure of our holoforms. Adjustments can then be made from there as to appearance but all in all we needed to make sure that we had an idea as to the location of physical limitations and where to insure our sensors hooked up so as to be accurate with the locations to human nerve endings.”

Sam looked at him again and asked in a teasing tone, “You guys needed to check on where his sensitive spots are? I thought you would have had all of mine saved in a memory file by now.”
“I do, as does Ratchet and I believe Optimus but I am not one hundred percent positive on that one. We needed at the minimum two organic subjects to cross reference with what could be found in the online medical database. That way we can have a full sense of variety.”
“It wouldn’t do to have the same weaknesses for all of us. It makes it too easy to attack,” Ironhide said as the two entered the last room of the large warehouse.

Optimus was laid across a giant metal table with Ratchet standing over him and fiddling with something on the side of his head. Sam looked from the weapons specialist over to the two other large mechs.
“So if you’ve already tested Captain Lennox and you know almost everything about me too, then why was it such a rush that we get here?”
Ratchet spoke without so much as looking up from the delicate work he was doing, “William Lennox was here so that I could finish up the initial design of the upgrade but he was becoming increasingly uncomfortable about the tests and I was not wishing to ask him to assist with the fine tuning of the program.”

Sam looked over and noticed Ironhide looking a little annoyed and sad as he cast a glance the way the good captain had left before looking back at the group and seeing Sam staring at him. The boy offered him a comforting smile.
“He’ll come around eventually, Ironhide.”
The large mech moved his faceplates into a forced smile and moved closer to the scout and his human.
“I know. I don’t show it often but I can be patient,” a snort from Ratchet made the black mech shoot him a quick glare before looking back down at Sam, “until then we are all happy to have you.”

Bee let out a noise of agreement, which sounded remotely like R2D2 though Sam tried not to laugh at the irony of that and then Bee brought up his free hand to pet down the small human’s back. The human closed his eyes and leaned back into the touch, loving every caress to his person just as much as Bee loved to give them.

One at a time each autobot took a turn on the table as Ratchet worked on their holo-emittors. Bee was the last and Sam was handed over to the comforting hands of Optimus Prime who continued with the stroking of the human who watched worriedly over the yellow robot. After a few adjustments Sam was then set down on the ground and the robots each reached up and tapped the holo-emitor on the side of their faces and with a surging flash of their optics four human forms stood in front of the boy.

“You guys already adjusted your images?”
Bumblebee smiled and tilted his head, blond hair falling in front of glowing alien blue eyes, “we pretty much already had selected forms that seemed fitting. The scans on Captain Lennox were just for fine tuning on the solidity aspect.”
Bee came over and Sam fought back the urge to run his eyes over the form of his best friend with benefits. The fact that Bee had chosen to cloth his form in a skin tight yellow shirt with a black strip down the front that showed off ever muscle that looked so very real or the amazingly tight black jeans that seemed to scream to be touched.

Bumblebee allowed his holoform to smirk at the human’s overly adorable display of shyness. He watched as Sam averted his eyes and looked over at the other holoforms. Ironhide was a stereotypical soldier wearing a camo-colored muscle shirt that revealed muscular arms as well as overly worn looking blue jeans that looked so worn that they had to be so soft to the touch, around the occasional hole. Ratchet’s had a light reddish hair that fell attractively around his bluish green eyes that were underneath a very thin set of wire glasses. He took on the traditional labcoat one would see on any doctor though what could be seen of the projection’s underclothing was pretty average and nondescript. Prime’s had chestnut colored hair and his glowing sky blue eyes were the same no matter what form. A traditional plaid trucker shirt was underneath what looked to be a much worn and very old leather jacket that was done with flames on the bottom and up the sleeves. He too wore what appeared to be very comfortable blue jeans.

Ratchet instructed Sam to each holoform as he moved to each matching robot and began to make minor adjustments to the settings as Sam was instructed to simply do minor things like touch a hand or chest and the human and the autobot answered questions about feeling and texture. When he got to Bumblebee he went through the same procedure that he had done with the others but as the final adjustment was set Bee reached out with his holoform and wrapped his arm around Sam’s waist and used the other arm the grab his chin and move the boy’s face into a perfect spot to be kissed.

Ratchet, not surprised by the younger bot’s limited level of patience switched to their COM link and started a whole new series of questions about sensory feeling as he made a few more fine tuning before moving and insuring that he as well as the other two was properly upgraded as well. Sam pulled back gasping for air and the voice of Ratchet instructing them all to transform into vehicle mode could be heard. He turned his head and looked questioning over at the holoform of the medic who upon seeing his look answered, “when we are in vehicle mode some of our internal pieces shift. I just wish to make sure that it doesn’t effect anything.”

After Ratchet had finished talking to his human, Bee once more pulled Sam into a passionate kiss distracting him from the sounds of shifting metal as the robots took on their respectable vehicle modes. Once his real body was once more a car, Bee slowly began moving the human backwards until he had him pressed firmly against the side of his alt. mode.

Sam let out a moan at the feel of Bee’s mouth and tongue against his own. The alien had his back pressed flush against the camaro and had arms wrapped firmly around his waist and a knee moved between his legs so that the holoform’s thigh was pressed right up against the boy’s crotch. Bumblebee pulled back slightly, enjoying the view of his human staring at him with lidded eyes, face flushed, and gasping while the boy moved against his leg. His cooling systems were going to be working overtime before this was done. A loud noise of annoyance sounded from the medic and Bee pulled back even more so as to tell the old bot off only to realize that it wasn’t at them but at Optimus.

He released Sam slowly, making sure to at least keep a steadying hand on his back as he slowly guided the human over to the semi truck that only had two people standing in front of it, not three.
“Just what I was hoping wouldn’t happen. Bumblebee I’ll need you to help me for a bit. We’ll need to readjust and then secure Prime’s holo-emittor while he’s in his truck form. Optimus when we get it working again only project your holoform inside your cab. It should put less strain on your systems.”

Bee looked worriedly over at Sam who was slowly calming down. Seeing the younger bot’s look Ironhide stepped foreword and gave the blond a shove towards the medic as he placed a hand on the human’s shoulder. Bee taking the hint moved with Ratchet so the two could climb underneath the semi. Ratchet paused and called out to the weapons specialist, “Would you two climb inside Prime’s cab and call out if there are any glitches with the image.”
It was more an order than a question so the soldier took hold of the boy and moved him over to the door that hesitantly opened for them.

They all knew how sensitive they were on the inside and never had a problem with Sam touching their interior. It was completely new and uncharted territory for a fellow mech, even just a holoform of one, to be inside the other. Sam climbed in, still completely frazzled from the scout’s earlier attentions. Ironhide pausing for a moment made sure to enter slowly, carefully, so as to show his respect to their leader. Upon entering the cab the weapon’s specialist found their group’s human laying on the bed in the back with his eyes closed and appearing to try and get his breathing under control. Ironhide came over and sat down next to the boy, reaching out a hand and resting it on the boy’s knee.

Sam’s breath caught and he opened his lust filled eyes to look at the soldier.
“Hide,” the boy whimpered in a confused tone. Ironhide helped the boy to sit up and then allowed himself to move across the bed and sit with his back against the truck’s back wall. When Sam had made a move to give the guy more space, his wrist was grabbed and he was forcefully dragged closer. Ironhide wrapped an arm around the human’s waist and moved him onto his holo’s lap, legs on both sides.

Sam was trying really hard to not cum in his pants. Where Bee had been forceful there had still been the undertone of gentleness to everything that the bot had done. Ironhide was using brute force and Sam was shocked at how much that turned him on. The fact that the ruff mech had positioned him to be straddling the holo’s thighs wasn’t helping either. The human felt the too real hands reach around and each taking hold of an ass cheek he was forced closer and made to grind against the holo’s groin with his own. Sam let his head fall onto the shoulder in front of him and bit his lip. The sound of Hide’s voice in his ear didn’t help as the two grinded against each other hard, “Primus, your species has this many sensors in just one part of your anatomy it’s no wonder your species focuses so much on mating.”

Sam couldn’t resist a laugh at that and tilted his head to look at the soldier slightly astonished by the flushed and passion filled image seen on what was only supposed to be a projection. Another voice, usually very soothing, sounded heatedly into his other ear, “Ratchet insisted one the full package. Our holoforms faces were set up by similar means as our regular ones. That way we can display every emotion.”
Ironhide paused and looked at Optimus, his expression becoming guarded as their eyes linked and words passed through the COM link between the two. Worried, Sam made a move to climb off the holo’s lap only to have the strong and overly caring hands of Prime come to rest on his shoulders. Still looking into the dark blue optics of his weapon’s specialist Optimus pushed down on Sam’s shoulders promptly removing any space that the boy had made when he moved and causing the two to whimper at the reintroduction of friction.

A definite agreement had been made and Sam happily welcomed the feel of Ironhide’s strong fingers gripping his ass, knowing he’d have bruises later, while moving against his front as well as the addition of a strong chest pressed against his back as Optimus moved his arms around and used his fingers to rub and pinch at the human’s nipples. Sam threw his head back in abandon and letting it rest on the broad shoulder behind him and he looked up into the loving sky blue eyes. Optimus gave him a mischievous wink as his only warning before the bot lowered his lips and began to kiss and bite at the human’s neck. Sam closed his eyes from the overload of sensations and let out a loud moan.

“I gave you the simplest task! All you had to do was just watch and make sure that Prime’s holoform didn’t have any kind of glitches, instead I find you two seducing Sam!”
The mentioned human felt both mechs freeze at the sound of the medic’s voice. He felt Optimus move back and knew that the holo had turned to look at the other two behind them. He closed his eyes not wanting to look back in fear of the expression that would be on his beloved camaro’s face. Everything the two had done with the group it had always been the two of them and then the others would join…or just watch depending on he mood. He had done this without Bee even being here.

So lost in his own thoughts, Sam didn’t notice Ironhide studying his face or the cabin going quiet as the four quickly discussed the reasons for the human to be looking so upset and the quickest way to remedy it. Bee moved over, crawling onto the mattress and over to his human. He called out the boy’s name and watched as those beautiful brown eyes opened to look into his warm and loving blue optics.
“I’m sorry Bee! When you earlier… and then...I just…,” Bee silenced his boy with a slow and loving kiss. As he pulled back Bee looked into those eyes and offered a comforting smile.
“I’m sorry I didn’t wait until after the upgrades were done, Sam, but I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long now and hold you,” he reached up and ran his thumb over Sam’s bottom lip, “I’m not mad, you make quite an arousing site when you are lost in your passion.”

He moved back and sent a cheerful smile to the two holo’s that were holding onto his human. Then Sam felt the hands move again. Optimus reaching down and grabbed the hem of his shirt before lifting it slowly as Ironhide began to undo the front of his pants. He felt himself being shifted onto his back, head resting on some kind of hard pillow as he was stripped and laid bare for the four set of optics. As he looked from Ironhide and Optimus who were on the bed both sitting on either side of his hips he could see Bee having moved closer so that he was sitting on his right side and looking up he realized that the pillow was really Ratchet’s thigh.

Bee leaned down and slowly ran his tongue over and around Sam’s nipple enjoying the jolt in his human’s body and the squeak from the human’s lips. As he leaned down further Bumblebee ran his hand slowly down the boy’s chest and stomach, his hand stopping as it met that of Optimus. He tilted his head so as to look at the older bot without stopping what he was doing. Optimus offered him a thankful smile and looked over at Ironhide and Ratchet before letting his hands roam over the now bare skin. Ironhide grabbed the leg he was closest to and lifted it up to fully expose the body in front of him. He moved so that the knee was over his shoulder and moved his head down as he began to place bites and suck hard at the boy’s thighs.

“Oh…Oh GOD!”
Sam squirmed and his back arched into the wonderful torture. Bee was using both his mouth and fingers across the human’s chest while Ironhide and now Optimus were both attacking his legs, thighs, and hips as well. He felt the two slowly making their way towards his groin, Hide leaving bite marks and hickies as he went, while Optimus preferred to take the gentle approach and used soft kisses and heated tongue licking. As they reached his penis, Prime slowly drew his tongue up the length, repeating the process over and over as Hide moved straight for his sacks and began to suck at them, hard.

The human arched his back and opened his eyes, looking up and instantly seeing aqua as Ratchet looked down at him, his face just as passion filled as Hide’s had been. He bent down and sealed his lips to Sam’s giving a sloppy upside down kiss. Sam wasn’t sure who was doing what anymore, his body moved and twisted, trying to find the most pleasure from all sides that were attacking his body. He didn’t know where the clothing of the others went and the way his mind wasn’t working he really didn’t care. It wasn’t until a slick finger began to run along his ass crack that he tried to think.

“B…Bee! Can’t…,” Ratchet’s lips covered his once more robbing him of thought before the medic pulled back and looked at him in the eyes.
“We would never hurt you Sam.”
“Don’t…,”Sam looked down, only seeing Bumblebee but the bot looked at him with such pleading eyes, eyes that Sam had never been able to deny, “don’t stop…please don’t stop.”
Bee offered his beloved human a comforting smile which Sam returned with his own nervous version.

It wasn’t until that finger, which until now had just been teasing his hole, pushed in and Ironhide took Sam’s penis fully into his mouth, sucking and bobbing in time with the finger. Sam’s back arched and his eyes clenched closed at the rush of sensation.
He could feel another being added, sciccoring so as to try and help his muscles relax to the invasion. Sam was close to sobbing as he felt the pain and pleasure mixing through out his body. He was so close to reaching his climax when Bee shot out a hand and right as Ironhide’s lips lifted up grabbed and squeezed the base of the penis, effectively cutting off his orgasm.
“BEE!” the boy sobbed out as the holo did not let go and Hide simply began sucking on the head while Optimus added another finger up his ass.

“Hide, do you think we could…,”Prime’s voice asked softly, trying not to scary the boy. Ratchet answered instead, “It can work but you two had better use PLENTY of lubrication and the boy will need more stretching than that!”
With those words spoken, Optimus worked in a fourth finger and shifted so as to make room for Hide as the other bot brought his hand up and began to teasingly stroke the outside of the boy’s clenching anus muscles that were being abused by the other holoform’s fingers. Once they felt the boy relaxing Hide began to insert one finger at a time as well. Ratchet monitored the boy’s body and announced when the boy had had enough.

The three other autobots cast their gaze upon Bumblebee to tell them where to be and with an internet search Bee had an idea. Sam’s brain had long since abandoned him. All the human felt was his body being lifted onto his knees and then the same hands lowering him onto something warm and hard and wonderful. Those wonderful hands helped him move with the gentle thrusting motions of the form inside him and then slowly lower him onto his back once more only this time he was laying on top of someone, the same someone who was thrusting into him. As he opened his eyes, his brain not really taking anything in, he watched as Bee moved forward and straddled his hips, meeting and holding his gaze lovingly, before the holo lowered impaled himself upon Sam.

Ironhide waited until the human had adjusted to the girth of Optimus before moving forward as well and then pressing his length against the boy’s access port. Slowly, showing a gentleness that he did not often display, the weapons specialist pushed in alongside Optimus inside the boy’s rectum. Sam screamed and arched his back sharply. He was stretched so much he couldn’t stand it, Bee rode him hard and in a rhythm that clashed with the other two as the blonde also leaned down and began to attack his nipples with his mouth. The boy threw his head back once more and looked desperately up at Ratchet who hadn’t moved really from his spot as Sam’s and now Optimus’ pillow.

Ratchet looked on, watching his three comrades lost completely in passion. He looked down at Sam’s red face, the completely trusting and lost look on the boy’s face was the medic’s final undoing. He shift his hips closer, being careful not to jar the two heads resting on his leg.
“Sam! Please!”
“Can’t no more…too much,,,”
“You can just lick it Sam,” Ratchet pleaded and watched, frozen by pure lust as the human craned his neck and opened his mouth. The red tongue began to run along his length and Ratchet moans joined the sounds from the rest of the group.

Optimus was the first to reach his overload, his sensors working overtime from both his holoform and the touching done to the inside of his cabin. He thrusts became erratic and fast, rubbing against Ironhide and driving the other mech wild. Hide bent over Bee and watched the display of Sam and Ratchet. Primus was that exciting.
“In your mouth Sam.”
Sam followed the order blindly, so close to cumming he could no longer think of anything, just let his mouth drop completely open and began to move his neck so as to bob his head back and forth along the length in his mouth. Optimus tensed underneath him and moved his head forward as he hit his overload, so hard he nearly felt like he had just had a missile hit him, and clamped his teeth down onto Sam’s shoulder. The final addition of the pain was the nail in the coffin that brought Sam off. His body convulsed and he screamed, the vibrations from the boy’s throat acting as a final stimuli for Ratchet who overloaded as well. Bee and Ironhide came last, the tightening of the boy’s internal muscles made the already clenched ass even tighter and after a few more thrusts Ironhide was having a systems crash and grabbing onto Bumblebee, he forcefully pulled the other bot back and tilted his head back so as to seal their lips together. The two crashed hard and yelled out in cybertronian before going offline.

Sam slowly came to and looked around. The windows were dark so he had been out for a while. What he could see was that he had been moved and was now laying once more on a transformed Bee’s chest but it wasn’t Bee’s hand that was acting as a blanket, it was Ratchet’s. As he moved and sat up slowly, letting out a faint hiss of discomfort as his muscles decided moving was not his friend, Sam noted that Optimus and Ratchet were snuggled up to Bumblebee on both sides, and where Ratchet’s hand had been touching him Optimus had an arm slung around the smaller bot’s hips in one direction while another large and dark robotic arm, whose owner was obviously Ironhide and was spooning the medic, reached over the medic and was positioned in such a way that that he could be touching both Bee and Prime’s arm at the same time. It was actually kind of sweet.

“Sam your body requires more recharge. Go back to sleep,” Ratchet’s tired voice whispered softly and the boy looked over into those green/blue optics. He smiled at the bot knowing that, even in the dark, he could still be seen.
“Your upgrades did okay?”
“They did, thanks to your help. I was able to finish that last of the modifications after you passed out.”
“Well that’s good to hear…though I was hoping they would take longer…I did tell my parents I’d be gone all weekend…”
Ratchet lifted his hands and gently eased Sam back down with his large robotic fingers.
“I’m sure we can find something for the lot of us to do for the remainder of the weekend for you, Sam. Now go back to sleep before I have to sedate you.”

Rated: NC-17, R, M, NOT WORK SAFE
Pairings: Sam/Bee/Prime/Ratchet/Ironhide
Disclaimer: I have no money nor am I writing this for any
Summary: Trying to work the kinks out of their newest upgrades, the autobots invite Sam over to help with the test run.

The rest of the Carwash Series
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(the holoform incident happens between these two chapters)

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I think...yes...you've melted my brain. That was awesome.
 Lunar Fox Wolfen: Gangstayukihoshino on April 28th, 2008 07:20 pm (UTC)
*Get's out the wet-vac for the puddle*
Yuuzaiyuuzaiden on April 28th, 2008 04:55 am (UTC)
i never expected anything like that..
nicely done...
 Lunar Fox Wolfen: Godzillayukihoshino on April 28th, 2008 07:23 pm (UTC)
Is that a good wow, or a bad wow? I normally get more of a response from you... *raises eyebrow*
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So f**king hot! Damn you know how to write a story. I'm all hot and bothered now.....*moans*
Peach In-Peppermint: Wheel lemonflav_lopfe on April 28th, 2008 10:05 am (UTC)
That was wonderful. Thank you so much! It was well worth the wait, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the holoform interaction.

And then my brain went all morbid and "Aww... I wish Sam was a 'bot so he could snuggle with Ratchet, too. *pout*" and "Damn, that gives me a bunny." and "Oh, BUGGER! It's a middle-of-a-fic bunny!"

So. Your smut fic was awesome, and gave me bunnies. A+++++!
 Lunar Fox Wolfen: Crazyyukihoshino on April 28th, 2008 07:21 pm (UTC)
*laughs* offering mental corruption is just one of the many services I offer!
nova_myth: Kitty Jazznova_myth on April 28th, 2008 06:24 pm (UTC)
::becomes a puddle of goo:: *.*

I can't wait for Barricade to get his holoform reformatted. Submissive Sam anyone? Barricade to show it how the Dom is done, mahahaha.
 Lunar Fox Wolfen: Explosive monkeysyukihoshino on April 28th, 2008 07:22 pm (UTC)
O.o That's an idea...probably throw in Sam getting spanked or something...
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awsome great.
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 Lunar Fox Wolfen: Nerdsyukihoshino on April 29th, 2008 03:49 pm (UTC)
*sweatdrops* alright I'll think about adding Ironhide and Will in the next one...my fans how I love you but you're not letting me end my series.
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ZOMG!!! Wow - what a way to get caught-up after BotCon, and go to bed!!

And may I echo Dania's wish for some IronxWill?
 Lunar Fox Wolfenyukihoshino on April 29th, 2008 03:51 pm (UTC)
you may. I'll see what I can do
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Nosebleed city
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As well as when the other Autobots make their way to base... Yikes! Oh the possibilities! *nosebleed* This series could be neverending! Looking forward to the next one! Please continue it! PLEASE!
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more story please
Will you write more? Will you write one about Barricade joining in? I can see Barricade being overwhelmed by good pleasure not by pain induced pleasure. Please keep on writing. Do you have one with Will being ambushed by Ironhide?
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M-O-R-E, I think you need to add one with Barricade involved with a Sam sandwitch. Write ore soon please. It is a good story.
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