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22 July 2007 @ 04:20 am
Another Fanfic, sorry it's a little late  
Title: Road Side Assistance
Rating: NC-17 (not worksafe)
Disclaimer: Again I own nothing and my bank statement proves it.
Summary: After dropping Mikaela off at relatives, Sam has to take a pit stop at the side of the road, but gets distracted by thoughts of BumbleBee. Upon investigating, when his human takes to long, Bee catches him in the act. What's a robot to do?

“Thank god that’s over,” Sam gasped out as he sped away from Mikaela’s relative’s house. Bumblebee honked his horn in agreement. Mikaela had to visit family that happened to live in the next town over. The only real problem with that was she didn’t have a car of her own and he wasn’t about to let his girl ride a bus for hours across two states to get there. So he and Bee ended up driving her.

The whole plan had been to drive her there, drop her off, and be back in time to meet the other Autobots before curfew. That HAD been the plan, however, upon getting there he was instantly dragged inside the house by his girlfriend’s crazed relations. Questioned until near death by embarrassment by her grandfather and then stuffed full of food until he felt sick by Mikaela’s grandmother. Finally escaping and giving his girlfriend a parting kiss, Bumblebee revved his engine and the two of them headed off back towards home.

About a hour into the drive it became apparent that they were definitely not going to make it in time for the meeting with Optimus and the gang. Bumblebee quickly transmitted an apology message from both him and Sam and said that if everyone was still in or near town they could meet up the next day, of which Prime sent back a positive response and ended the communication. Now with only the curfew deadline, the two relaxed a bit to enjoy the long drive.

Sam smiled as he let his body relax back into the leather of his seat. A peaceful sigh escaped his lips. ‘This is the life,’ Sam thought, ‘Cruising down the highway in your very own car, who just happens to be an amazing space robot.’
He closed his eyes as he felt Bee take over control of the wheel and readjust the air-conditioning to a more comfortable temperature to accommodate for the setting sun. Bumblebee always looked after his human and Sam adored him for that.

Another two hours into the drive, Sam asked Bumblebee to pull over to the side of the road.
“Sam if we stop for too long, you will not be back in time for your curfew.”
“I know that Bee, but you need to let me out. I need to go to the bathroom.”
Bee slowed down and parked on the side of the road, letting the boy get out of the car and dash into the woods. He turned off his radio and focused his monitors on Sam’s biological signature to ensure his safety.

The boy had made it a good distance into the woods near the road before he felt he had gone far enough. He unzipped his pants and pulled himself out. Trusting Bee to warn him in someway if danger was near, the human let his thoughts wander. He thought of his parents and what excuse he would have to make if he was again late getting back. How exactly was he going to apologize to Optimus and the other Autobots. Sam was sure that Bee would help him think of something.

That brought the boy’s thoughts to his car, or rather the sentient being that disguised itself as his car. The way Bee would always wait for him to get out of class and then greet him with just the right music for whatever mood he was in. How he would always adjust the temperature of the car so the his human was never too cold or too hot. How his seats were always the perfect firmness that he could sink into and just relax right into the leather. Sam had never realized that he loved leather until he had gotten Bee.
Sam remembered on the fourth of July he and Mikaela had gone to the lake to swim. They had waited until dry to get into the car, but he hadn’t really bothered to put a shirt back on. Upon dropping her off back at her house and then pulling into his driveway, Sam had just sat there relaxing and shifting so as to feel the leather against his skin. Bee had let him without question and the two had talked for hours about anything and everything until his father had come and knocked on the window and told him to get inside the house. His mother had then brought up the conversation of “Sam’s Happy Time” and how he shouldn’t have to do anything in the car where the neighbors could see.

Sam shuddered in horror at just the memory of his parents talk, but that night hadn’t been totally ruined. Any conversation with Bee always left Sam feeling happy. Even more so when the Autobot used his actual voice and not just some radio recording. It wasn’t often that he did, especially in car form. He let his eyes close and just let his mind recreate the robot’s voice from that night. Not really paying any special attention to words, but just the sound of that voice. Bumblebee had once told him a story about the war. His voice had been so serious. Sam had tried to make the robot feel better by saying that he was here to help now, but that only made Bee upset. In a very commanding voice he had ordered Sam to do as he was instructed by either him or the other Autobots to ensure that the boy remained safe.

As the human opened his eyes and looked down to see that he had become aroused. Sounding out a groan of frustration and slamming his head back lightly against a closely set tree, Sam quickly tried to think of something horrible and disgusting to get rid of the erection. Unfortunately when he closed his eyes and tried to think his mind would pick up the faint sounds of Bee’s engine not too far away and would remember just what he had been thinking about that led to this moment.
“Damn it! Guess there’s no other choice. Got to make this quick before Bee gets worried,” Sam muttered to himself as he moved to lean his back against a tree for support and brought a hand up to wrap around his erection.

Bee was starting to get concerned. His human had been in the woods for close to fifteen minutes and counting. He set his scan back on the distant human and was alarmed to note that the human’s heart rate and body temperature seemed to be rising. He turned off his engine and focused his hearing.
Sam’s voice, though vary faint from the distance, was definitely calling out his name. Worried that his boy was in trouble, the robot quickly transformed in a shuddering mass of metal into his true 16+’ tall robot form. He quickly made his way towards the unsuspecting human.

Sam was getting close. His attention fully focused on what he was doing. His eyes were closed so that he could keep the mental voice of his best friend in his mind. He sped the motion of his hand and let out a happy moan at the pleasure it brought, gasping out the robot’s name.
Reality brought him back though when the very voice he was fantasizing about answered him.
“Sam! Are you alright?”
Sam found it hard to swallow past the lump that now seemed to be lodged in his throat. He looked up to see that Bee had transformed and was now standing quite near to him. He hurriedly moved both hands to try and shield any view of his crotch from the robot.

“Bee! What…what the hell are you doing?”
“You were taking a long time and I heard you call my name. I was afraid you were hurt,” Bumblebee answered while monitoring his human’s behavior and body readings. Heart rate still slightly high, body temperature still above normal, and if he wasn’t mistaken…were those pheromones that Sam was releasing and in such large amounts.

Sam shivered as the gaze from those bright blue optics seemed to intensify. Of all the things he could have been doing in the woods, he just had to go and try to jerk off where his best friend was within hearing distance.
“Look, I’m fine alright. Just go back to the road and I’ll be right behind you.”
Blinking in shock, Sam looked up at the robot and stuttered out, “n...no?”
Bee kneeled down and looked at his human. He reached out with one hand and gently ran the tips of his metal fingers down the human’s side in a what could only be called a caress making the boy shiver even more.
“Do you wish to mate with me Sam?”

He jumped back, away from the hand and unfortunately into a tree and bumped his head lightly. Bumblebee quickly moved and grabbed his human, lifting him up off the ground to try and protect him from further injury by the plants. As he leveled his hand out and unwrapped his fingers from around the small human, Sam quickly moved his hands to support himself into a sitting position and looked worriedly up at Bee. Bee was looking at Sam’s body that now had been fully exposed by the pants slipping down to his ankle with the earlier movement. Trying to take control of the situation and to get Sam to look at him without the deer in headlights look he voiced his logical calculations behind his question.

“Your heart rate is increased, your body is releasing pheromones, you appear to be, as humans say, aroused, and if I am not mistaken you were pleasuring yourself when I found you.”
Sam quickly looked away from Bee’s face and studied the large metal hand he was currently resting on. Bee’s hands were about as wide as the length from his knees to shoulders. Not as large as the other Autobots, but still large enough to hurt him without the robot probably noticing if not careful. It was also the perfect length and width for Sam to fit comfortable in.
Shaking himself from his observations, Sam looked at him shyly and asked, “what makes you think I was thinking about you?”

Bumblebee quickly moved to an area between some trees that was wide enough for him to move around comfortable and sat down. He gave his human a gentle look as he brought up his other hand and began to un the tips of his metal fingers against the boy again, letting a wave of warmth wash over his spark as Sam didn’t freak out like the first time.
“You were calling out my name while doing that kind of activity. Such a thing normally means you wish for some form of intimate interaction between us Sam.”

The boy didn’t deny it, only looked at him in an embarrassed fashion before averting his eyes. Bumblebee’s voice softened, “what were you thinking about me doing to you Sam?”
Sam took a deep breath to try and steady himself before looking up at Bee.
“You…your voice…”
Taking Bee’s silence as confusion Sam hurriedly tried to explain.
“It’s not that I don’t enjoy you using the radio to speak, Bee. It’s just that you rarely talk, even though you can now, and when you do…I love hearing your voice…and the few times when you get so serious…and your voice sounds so controlling…”
Sam closed his mouth after that and looked down.

The feeling of a metal finger against under his chin, lifting his head up to look into brightly lit blue optics made Sam meet the gaze, but the same finger then trailing down his small throat, chest, and stopping just below his stomach had the boy near panting.
“You like it when I talk to you Sam…. You wish for me to order you around on occasion? “
The non-argue tone that Bee used had Sam shifting in arousal. He could only look at him wantonly and gasp out, “Yes.”

Bee let his mind quickly access the world wide web for information and then lifted his hand so as to get a better angle to see Sam.
“If that is the way you want it, then you will do what ever I tell you! Understood?”
Sam nodded his head as speech seemed to fail him and waited expectantly.
“Move your right hand down to your penis and wrap your fingers around it lightly.”
Sam did as he was told, his body already trembling with pent up desire.
“Begin moving your hand.”
And again Sam followed the order, gasping and moaning. He spread his legs slightly, unknowingly giving Bee a better view. Just the thought that Bee was here and he was doing this for him was driving Sam wild. His hand started to speed up.

“I did NOT tell you to go faster Sam!”
The disapproving tone caught Sam off guard and he paused his hand to look up at his friend. Bee let out a noise similar to a sigh.
“I did not tell you to stop either. As it is what you want Sam, you will do as I instruct or we will stop.”
Sam started moving his right hand again slowly, a slight look of fear in his face that Bee would stop now.

Bee had no desire to call an end to their interactions, but voicing such thoughts would go against what Sam wanted to hear, he remained quiet for a short time and just enjoyed watching the boy pleasure himself. As Sam’s body started to shake from the need for more stimulation Bee had had enough of watching.
“Stop Sam.”
“Bee… please…”
The boy however did as ordered and tried his hardest to keep from moving.
“Lift your arms above your head and keep them there.”

Sam once more did as he was told and Bee let out an appreciative sound as he took in a nicely spread view of the boy. He once more lifted his other hand and began to very gently run the tips of his robotic fingers over Sam’s chest. He made sure to heat up the metal a little bit so as to cause less discomfort. It only took a few minutes to have Sam full on pleading and begging him and Bee had had enough. He moved his fingers down and applied just a little bit more pressure, not enough to cause pain just needed pressure and friction. He then set about touching and caressing Sam.

Bee’s human wasn’t really idle either. He arched his back so as to grind and press harder against the wonderful appendages of his loving robot. He could not get enough. He tried to keep his hand beneath his head that way he could try and keep them from moving.
“Bee, Oh GOD! Please, More! BEE!”
The robot could tell his human was reaching his limit. The way the boy was moving, twisting in his hand, against his fingers, gasping and moaning. He was indeed close. Bee lowered Sam so that he was more chest level, held close to his spark and then called out in the firmest tone he could, “Cum Sam! NOW!”

Sam threw his head back, his body arching into against the hands touching him and hold him and screamed loudly as he found his release.

After a little while of gasping and trying to catch his breath he looked up at Bee and offered a tired but happy smile.
“You know I love you, right Bee.”
The robot nodded his head and answered in a gentle tone, “I love you too Sam.”
Sam pushed himself up onto his elbows and tilted his head as he looked up at Bee as if studying him.
“Do you like being washed while in car form?”
Be cast a confused look at him.
“I find the sensations quite enjoyable, yes. Why do you ask?”
“Well I had been thinking earlier about a way to apologize to Optimus and the others, I wasn’t sure if they wouldn’t mind a good washing tomorrow to make up for us not being able to make tonight’s meeting”

Bee shifted a little and cast a nervous glance down at Sam.
“I am sure they would find it pleasurable, but I am afraid that I might be jealous if you lavish such attention on another.”
Sam just smirked in a teasing way as he let his hands run down the palm he was resting on soothingly.
“I said I was only going to wash them as an apology…I was think about giving you as a thank you a wash, wax, and giving your interior a good rub down…”
Bumblebee closed the lids over his optics and let a pleasurable shiver go through his body at the promise in the boys voice.

Again sorry that this is late.
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 Lunar Fox Wolfen: Someone Else's weirdoyukihoshino on July 22nd, 2007 08:56 am (UTC)
*laughs* well send me the dry cleaning bill and I'll compensate you for it
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 Lunar Fox Wolfen: Someone Else's weirdoyukihoshino on July 22nd, 2007 09:05 am (UTC)
I'm sure you could if you really wanted to or could get over the embarassment of someone else handling them
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