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Check on the Rep

Second to None

Bumblebee/Sam Witwicky: Robots <3 Humans
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Transformers slash from the 2007 movie, focusing on Bumblebee and Sam.

Welcome to BeeXSam! We hope you like it here.
(please be aware that there are, obviously, spoilers for the Transformers 2007 movie in this community.)
Also, if you are looking for more generalized fan-work on the 2007 movie, move yer ass to tf2007fun


image by nograviity

This is, in case you haven't quite realized from all the SUPER SUBTLE HINTS, a community for those of us who find the idea of Sam/Bumblebee from the 2007 Transformers movie appetizing/interesting/fascinating, and other such adjectives. It will be HERE where you can assuredly find some semblance of BeeXSam goodness! Everything is welcome, from fics to icons to discussions and rants to interpretive dance.

There are just a few things you should know before you join...


  • The most obvious rule: Sam/Bee must be either the sole pairing, or a major pairing in the work you post here/discussions you raise. Sam/Bee/Mikaela, Sam/Mikaela with Sam/Bee on the side - those are all acceptable, and stuff, so long as there is definite interaction of the overly-friendly type. So yes - Mikaela's allowed... but only as long as she can handle Bee's milkshake bringing Sam to the yard.

  • Do not flame another member. No one likes getting yelled at for not liking/believing/thinking the same. ConCrit, however, is not flaming and is completely allowed. If you are having any issues with another member, please e-mail me and we can discuss the issue.

  • Contribute, please! This isn't a rule so much as it is me BEGGING. Even if you just have a passing thought during work or something, go ahead and hit us up. Don't be afraid to post even one-liners, so long as they aren't spam. No community advertising at the moment, plzkthx!

  • Speaking of - let's try to keep out of horrible spelling issues, especially in fic. If English isn't your first language, it's ok to make grammar/spelling mistakes; just don't use netspeak. (FTW, OMG, plzkthx, and such are okay when used for humorous effect.) This rule does not apply to fics where netspeak is meant to be hilarious.

  • When posting in general, please tag your entries with the following: the content (fic, art, song, rant, discussion, challenge, etc.), rating (if art or fic), and - especially with rants/discussions/theories - one or two other tags that fit the topic at hand.

  • When posting fic/art/creative stuff, please be sure to have the Title, Rating, a short Summary (fic-wise), and if you want, an author's note. Make sure to alert people to any content that might be NSFW, or any pairings besides the obvious Sam/Bee.

You got that all? Basically, post, don't spam, love Sam/Bee more than anything else, and tag your entries. So, what are you waiting for?

We're here for you!

We now have a chatroom, called Check The Rep (LIVE)! I hear it can get quite wild and crazy.

And in case you didn't notice the not-so-subtle link above, we aren't just a slash community anymore! Feel free to wander over to tf2007fun for your more general 2007 movie needs. ((also, have affiliated with tf_stillness, because that's the right thing to do!))